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Eco-Tour of Second Life - interesting look at how SL simulations can be used to promote sustainable thinking.
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Documentary on gamers in MMORGs called Second Skin. Here's the trailer:


Mike Huckabee Center for the Liberation and Housing of Spermatazoan-Americans

January 26, 2008
Had a great conversation with an avatar from New Zealand. He/she kept changing shape during our conversation, as you can see from the shots below. Started as a horse, transformed into a fox/cat thing, then into an anthropomorphic cat person, then into the angel shape in which we conducted most of our conversation.
We had an excellent talk about changes in SL over the last few years. This person was a veteran of SL, having been on the grid since the Beta release. S/he was extremely generous, providing me with landmarks for several interesting places and a pair of eyeglasses. S/he makes a habit of sim hopping in educational sim districts. Says the old culture of The Grid used to be very generous with items, information, but that after the population popped to over 1 million in mid-2006 things changed. This is an excellent example of the problems of constituting a public and building a community. These things also require boundaries, building a mutually constructed culture within those boundaries. when the population swelled, the boundaries collapsed, as did the community and its culture.