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This so called Second Life is on intriguing machine. A world that is so similar to real life but so distantly different. Second Life allows one to interact with a vast world similar to real life. Once can take their avatar out dancing, driving, attend public forums, play sports, almost anything one does in a social context. You and your avatar can purchase items that one might not be able to afford in real life like expensive cars, helicopters, sparking jewelry, and so much more. If I want to go out an by a Mercedes CL 500, an item that currently beyond affordable in real life, I can. It allows one consumer’s monster to run free for more things are affordable and there are no real constraints. You do not have to worry about budgeting money for clothing, food, shelter or anything else that is required in the real world. Furthermore there is no fashion police (aka friends), that tell you that you cannot wear those jeans with those shoes, or no motherly figure telling you that dancing with that man/women/fury is a sin. (Bobby, that girl is the DEVIL I tell ya, lol.) Essentially it is kind a like going to college but with zero classes or responsibilities. We all know that when one goes to college it is an opportunity to meet new people; experiment; no dress codes or parents telling you what to wear; and you are your own free person to make decisions on your own. Still one feels constrains when one goals to college for there are societal and legal rules that bind students in place. Now for your avatar what regulations that are set forth are minimal. Certain Islands prohibit certain types of skins and some prevent people from flying. But you can easily avoid those sections. If you want to go to a strip club there is no bouncer at the door asking for identification to be sure you are of the age. You can have unsafe sex and not worry about catching a virtual STD. Which raises a curious questions is there unsafe sex in second life? Can your avatar catch some scary disease and rot away?


Ok it seems like my avatar is having a little complex. Mr. Marksman can not decide on what he should be. Now he is not having any sexual confusions issues, he is 100% man. However the problem that he is having is what type of avatar will he be? What morals does he live is second life by? What rules does he have? We kind a talked about this in class about avatar behavior. Ricetopher Freenote mentioned that his avatar is more or less a mere extension of his real life individual. Hell even his avatar resembles his real life self in the way he dresses and general body shape. There is short of an inside joke that I share with him and few others that if his avatar just had a tattoo on his bald head he would be a shoe in for a close imitation of Transmetropolitan central character Spider Jerusalem. When I look at my avatar I think he is a similar version of me in real life. He has a goatee, smokes a cigar (something I do enjoy from time to time), and his hair color is very close to my hair color. Of course he does not have the imperfections that I see with in my self for his tall and a lot skinnier than me. But lets get back to the point on what regulates or rules that he lives by. See there are two different approaches that my avatar can take. He can simple be an extension of my real life self. Now the whole reason that I have gone on this what may now seem a pointless rant, is the other day in class I was somewhat humiliated or aggravated by the response I received by my classmates. So here is the down low. What happened is that we were initial discussing our initial experiences/journeys in the grid of second life. I mentioned to the class that I visited a strip club named The Penthouse. Now my first initial visit there, there were two female avatars stripping and dancing on pole. However there was a dance floor where everyone was out there dancing and having fun. Each remaining time I visit I started noticing that it was more of like a dance club and with the occasional exotic dance. Well after mentioning to the class I had been to a strip club in second life the glares, stares, and smirks that I received irritated me. People in class thought it was weird that I spend time in a strip club in second life. The whole responsibility of this course is to use Second Life and explore/experiment. This club that I visited was a classy joint and the members/ visitors were very friendly and love to talk to everyone. What I enjoyed the most was the music played at the joint. In real life I love music and love to dance, so of course Hillbilly gonna have to be able to dance. So do I allow Hillbilly Marksman to explore and allow himself to be open or does my avatar become more of an extension of myself. Hillbilly just might keep the moderate views, slight religious morals/practices that regulates his owner, me. I guess on time will tell….

*Update 1: Ok, well since Hillbilly’s owner name was outed by accident in the Kernal’s article (something that I am not upset about), there will most likely not be a free experiencing Hillbilly for the world of Second Life. He will probably be self restraining on the some of the actions that others common users may take

*Update 2: Well our group the A-team has decided to study the sex culture of Second Life. So Hillbilly will be able to go out into the dirty crazy sexy world of Second Life. Guess it is ok to window shop as long as I do not purchasing anything Muahahahahhaha….

Update 3: Well before I has the time to revisit the Penthouse and interview the owners of the joint it disappeared. Like walking down the street and seeing that one beautiful girl. Before you can turn around and catcher she is gone. Well as Frank Sinatra says That Life!!!

Update 3.1 version: Well I know that this is unrelated but the event I describe in the last update happened to me in real life. Was at a local water hole and there was an attractive blonde sitting beside me. I should have tried out my game but from some old reason I did not. Maybe I am getting sick. (Cough, Cough). Sometimes I wish I could kick myself in the ass…..

Well today I spent most my time in the grid just wondering around and exploring local islands nearby. It seems like UK Island is in a section of the grid reserved for institutions of higher learning. What is the most surprising is right in close proximity is the infamous Chicago School that we have study and learn so much about in Klein. I attempted to visit the island but access was denied. How juvenile and over controlling is the campus. Are they afraid virtual vandalism? With knowing their past history that easily could be the case. Some of the universities that I visited were quite extravagant. I visited the University of Indiana’s Campus and instead of being the size of the University of Kentucky’s island, they actually are double the size of UK’s campus. Yes that is correct they have two adjoining islands. One end of it was still under construction the other housed what seemed to be a replication of there Alumni National Headquarters.


This has lead to an interesting discussion that I have had with Ricetopher Freenote about the construction of the University of Kentucky’s Island. I felt that it would be very receptive if UK would construct a virtual campus with the similar buildings like in real life. This idea came to me after I visited Clemons campus and seeing what seems to be a real life representation of there campus. Freenote explained to me for one to create a camps that looks like UK in real life would cost a substantial amount in money for development and getting some on to create that is another issue. He further explained to me why would they want to build it like a real life version of campus when they have a blank slate to work with. They can construct a campus that goes beyond the bonds and restrictions that are placed on the campus in the real world.


Update 1: The chance of building a modern campus may has somewhat not take hold with all the developers. With the building of the School of Music facility it resembles the insides of the Singletary center. The option to create a modern campus is fleeing. I could understand the building of the William T. Young Library for it is a landmark of campus. (in addition I think the library has placed some serious resources on this project.


Update 2: Well due to the rush and excitement of the UK island Opening Day I have noticed the construction of Memorial Hall. Now when one thinks of a landmark of the university they think of memorial hall first, hell the outline of the chapel is built into UK’s logo. I love seeing it on UK but if we are not carefully the more and more they build, they are in danger of turning it into a non-modern real version of campus.

Update 3: Got to give some credit to the construction of the art gallery. It is a modern and cool looking structure. It gives a more non-realistic structure to the campus which I think rocks. Hopefully they will be more structures like this. Here his hoping for some kind of underwater structure. That would be crazy awesome!!!!


Well today during my lunch break Hillbilly Marksman decided it would be a perfect time to just roam around and explore the world of second life. He ended finding himself at what seemed to be like a cryogen facility called, Swiss Steam Cells Bank. The facility was what seemed to be a reconstruction of their real life facility. One of the services that they provide is that they will collect a umbilical cord and store it for the possible future cure if some illness occurs during time. I went online and was able to find a real life website for this corporation. This is a private conservation place, you can store you stem cells there or your children’s and only you can have access to those cells if needed. They advertise that it is important to make a choice now on your child’s future health. Your child’s umbilical cord contains irreplaceable and unique cells that may one day save your child’s life. This is just like the cryo freeze of baseball player Ted Williams’s head. It is just like a classic scene out of Transmetropolitan, where they are able to take a the head of someone that has been frozen and recreate a body of that individual in the future. Here is the slurl for the place and pictures enjoy…..

Swiss Stem Cell Bank


Some time has passed since my last journal entry and it is time to get to work on my research project. What better way to accomplish such a thing by diving head first into the sexual world of Second life and conducting interviews with complete strangers. I first would like to say that this sounds a lot easier than what it is. My first two attempts ended with no speak English (which isn’t that kind of oxymoronic?), and no I am laying in the beech trying to get some Sun. What? You are worried about your avatar’s tan, how about you just by a skin for your avatar that is already done. Probably be to easier for them and beach towels did pay you for laying on. The approach I decided to take would to walk up to someone and contact them by instant message. There I would explain that I was a senior in college at the University of Kentucky conducting research about Sex in Second Life.

Well as the saying goes the third time is a charm. On Pleasure Island, a nudist beech, I was able to interview a female avatar that we will now refer at CM. CM is being here initials and she desired to remain anonymous and did not want a picture taken. (However the picture below is of a different female avatar that agreed to have here picture taken at the spot.) The interview between me and CM lasted well over 25 minutes and was very intriguing. Everything she stated I took as being true, for what else could I do? I have no choice but to trust everything she said. This was something my group debated extremely heavily that evening when we were in world together. Iamfromatlanta argued that it is not reliable. Hillbilly/My counterargument was what else are we to do, we have to trust that the response they give us is the truth.


Well lets talk about the interview with CM. CM was somewhat new to the world to second life. This was here 3 or 4 month in world. She was not sexually active in second life or in real life. However when looking at here avatar it was clear to see an sexual tone on how she was dress. She stated that she purchased a skin, a rather attractive skin in Hillbilly’s opinion, and she was given a female genitalia. When asked if she planned on having any future sex in second life she stated mostly likely no. She stated and I quote, “I do not know if I have sex in SL… Causal sex in RL is NOT something I do, and I can not really separate my RL morals from how I acts and behave in SL.” In real life CM is a married women and she claims that if she had sex in SL it would almost feel like she was cheating on her spouse. Her RL spouse has an avatar in SL but they currently have only on computer so they are not able to meet up in SL together. That was essentially it to the interview but I did find out she is somewhere in the age range of 30-35. In addition she lives in the Midwest region of the United States and she is a Cat fan. WOOOOWOOO. So even in second life it can be a small world…..


So when I logged back into second life that same evening I was still on Pleasure Island. Located on Pleasure Island is too extremely disturbing stores at first. One was Woody Penis Store. When I first walked in the name reminded me of the Austin Powers film, “Theres Woody……Woody Harrison.” Essentially what the store advertised was that they sold the most realistic and reliable penis in Second Life. Well the thing that kind of made me laugh was that statement reliable, for I did not know that even male avatars can suffer from erectile dysfunction. The store sold different varieties of penis, there was there porn style collection, there was the uncircumcised and so on.
Well during that eye opening adventure I am ran into a male Avatar named LB. LB was actually in the Woody store that evening looking to purchase a functioning penis. LB at the time was not sexually active in Second Life, but stated, “well…who knows…you want to be prepared…like in RL…never know what life can throw at you.” LB actually uses Second Life for research to study how science education and science collaboration can work in a virtual social world and the example that he gave was the Nature Publishing Group. He stated that at times his research can get a little boring, so like in life there is a need to socialize. LB is married in real life and would not think that he would be cheating on his spouse if he had sex in second life. Actually his spouse has a Second Life Avatar but the two of them have yet to meet. When asked his opinion about the large amount of sexual themes in second life he responded that it was no different than real life, Second Life mimics Real Life. In addition he felt that second life allows for fewer repressed actions due to the fewer social morals. In addition LB was opened to the ideal of having same sex and even with furries. He stated that in real life we are gender limited but there is no such thing in second life, not even species limited. LB is between the ages of 40 and 50 and claims to have a phd in education and is from Canada.

Little side note oneself, do not automatically assume that if they are able to conduct a conversation in English that they are from the states.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention about the store located across the street from Woody. The store was Lady Love and there they sold 3-D functioning vaginas. The items would pee and do a numerous amount of things. See for yourself below:


Well out in the wild world of the grid and exploring the sex scene in Second Life. Now there will be no slurl for this place for I was asked not to publish it, however the interviewing subject today is Zenia. Zenia is dressed in attractive checkered mini shirt with a teasing blouse/top. It gives her the look of the innocent catholic school girl look. This is I would say is one of the most interesting interviews that I conducted in second life. Zenia is sexual active within the world of second life. She only has sex with men and at one time did a threesome (2 guys and her). Right now in her rl she is not in a relationship but she did express that if she was in a serious relationship, she will feel like she was cheating if she kept up with her second life tendencies. The only item she has purchased so far has been a basic skin and clothes. She states that most guys likes what she has no so no problem at that. She however does like to have nice outfits and shoes to wear. Initially Zenia was shocked when she first experienced the sex culture of second life, but she noted that so many people have sexual desires that they repress. She went on to state that second life is a place where avatars and their owners can live out their fantasies. Even in real life, she said most conversation with the opposite sex or the sex of your choice have sexual undertones that some may not notice. For example, in real life she would like to dress more sexier but she does not for she has obligations to friends and to her family. In second life she can have as many sexual partners and remain open. “You can have sex in front of others, you can be completely free of restraints, and it’s awesome.” Now here is the section that I found the most interesting. I asked if second life is nothing but the actions of the true inner self being allowed to express itself to the fullest or is second life nothing more than experimentation? She responded that if you find yourself trying things out then not going back to them – then it’s just experimentation. However if you find yourself repeatedly logging in to act out these fantasies over and over that is more to do with the self. Second life has given her the chance to express the true inner self. Zenia has not done much experimentation for she does not have any lesbian fantasies, as a result she does not approach women. She likes sex with men so she lives her second life fulfilling her desires. And at times she forms relationships and they almost feel as emotional as real life relationships. I tell ya this has got to be the deepest interview that I have conducted in my second life research. It lasted for a good 35-40 minutes.

Exploring, exploring it seems that all I do and man let me tell ya I seem so sex places that really disturbed me. There was this one place that was a castle that was built in the sky, one of Lessig’s architecture constraints, that was nothing but sex. There were machines for sex and contraptions, animals for beastiality, and so much more. Outside the castle were stores lining the outer walls and everything revolved around sex. I cannot go on anymore you just have to go see it for yourself….

It’s time for another interview, and today lucky location is that of Love this Live, Porn. Ok now this is an interesting site. The first floor is like a dance club but with stripper poles all around. There are some seats with the blue and red balls for some sexual action if one desires. In one corner is a projection show displaying real life pornographic material. As one starts to go up the stair then the sexy fantasies are unleashed. The second floor is kind of mild there are several rooms that have beds for sex or sofa for action. One has a shower to make it even more sexier. Another room is like walking into a OBGYN office for there is the table there with stirrups and several actions balls to allow for the foreplay to begin. Also on the wall of this room there is piece of art constructed of Nurses in lab coats exposing their breast and other parts of their body.

The next level is all about the open orgies. There a little bit of everything. There is a big screen TV where one can watch real life professional pornographic films. One of the films stars the infamous Jenna Jameson. On this same floor there is a make shift classroom to fulfill the desires one has in a school teacher fantasy. The room beside it is another Doctor office fantasy. On the wall instead of having a periodic table of the elements, there is a periodic table of sex. This is something else.



Well the person that I happened to interview was on the first floor dancing. Her outfit that she was wearing was a see through linger piece where one can see clearly her breast. Her name was Susanne Markstein and she was a fine brunette. Susan is sexual active in second life with her husband. She does not know her second life husband in real life, but there is the possibility of such occurrence for he is from Germany as well. That dated for a little bit and then they got partnered. The typical date for them was going to the clubs and dancing with each other, romantic places where they could talk, cuddle and kiss, and they did not always have sex. They spent a lot of time together and talking. They usually meet every weekday in the evenings and she spends roughly around 4-5 hrs per day on second life. When asked if this interfered with her real life social life, she responded that it did not. She did not have a true wedding/party for friends her and her husband just got partnered. She also added that her relationship was monogamous. However before she met her husband she was sexually open and tried a lot. She did not purchase any sexual organs but she has purchased numerous skins and hair. And she always limited herself to heter-sex. I asked if she has done any other experimentation with another sex and she said that she wouldn’t in real life, so she not going to into second life. Her real life is open at the moment but she wants to be able to see if her second life relationship can transverse into a real life relationship.


Today I revisited our good ole friend Zenia, and let me tell a lot has changed since we initially talked. Would it surprise you, if I told you that she is now a stripper. She works at a club called Tantalus. She earns roughly around 200 L dollars a night and she works somewhere from 6 hours at least to 10 at the most. How the club generates funding that that there is tip jars for each dancer. How much you tip depends on what you expect to receive from the dancers. Of the total amount collected the club take 20 % of it and the dancers get to keep their 80%. Thank god there is no IRS in second life. Most of the times they work in two hour sessions. The tipping benefit goes like this 350L the top will disappear, for 550L the bottoms go to and the thong remains, and finally 800L complete totally nudity. The reason that she gave me for becoming a stripper is that she like to dance and the best dance clubs are the strip clubs. Well since I last saw her she has changed a lot and here are some pictures from the club and of here.

hillbilly021.jpghillbilly022.jpghillbilly023.jpg hillbilly024.jpg

Interview with Eloise Pasteur

Second Life certainly contains sexual elements. In case you hadn't noticed, every human endeavour does. Look at the internet, look at how your fellows at the University of Kentucy dress. They may not be engaging in active sexual behaviour in the classroom, but how many dress to impress? As the weather gets warmer, how many dress on the borderline of sexual provocation? Beyond that, look at the internet, look at the film and printing industries. Don't even get me started on the advertising industry - "Sex sells" is the underlying motto of it all, not even a hidden agenda. Why do car adverts have images of attractive women in them, and as you go towards more high end cars, it gets more common? Could this be because a reasonable and increasing proportion of the purchasers are male, and they are selling the lie of "Drive our car and you might get an attractive woman like this" or is there something else going on?
So, on that basis, am I surprised there is sex in Second Life? No, absolutely not. It's still a human endeavour. Sex is a fundamental human drive, and an incredibly strong one.

1. It would be very difficult to not notice that amount of sexually related materials in second life. It seems to be a very prevalant theme throughout the whole grid. My first question for you was what was your initial reaction when you came face to face with it? Also how do you feel about or what is you opinion of the sex culture of second life?

I came to Second Life as a game, not a life, although it didn't take me long to change that opinion. It's hard to remember how I felt - it's almost four years ago now. I guess I was a little surprised, most games (Think WOW etc.) don't do sex easily after all, SL certainly does. But, once I got used to what SL is like, it seems like a normal part of it all to me - just like the images I see on TV, in magazines and the like do. SL is probably more out there than most RL situations, but it's probably less uniformly sexual than things like the internet.

I think the question "what is my opinion of the sex culture of second life" needs clarifying. At one level, as answered above, I think it's inevitable because it's a part of human nature. If you are asking a more specific question about my part within "the sex culture" in SL - there isn't "the sex culture." Just like RL there are many.

2. Do you feel that second life is a more open and easier route for someone to explore sexual expeirmentation? You can interact with anyone within the world and there is no risk of a virtual std's.
Yes, if people wish to use it that way. People build relationships (not only of a sexual nature) in Second Life and if you choose to experiment with sex and sexuality in SL, then it is easy to do. It is not only lack of STDs, there is lack of risk of pregnancy if you are in a heterosexual relationship. There is lack of risk of physical danger - although there are people who can and have got into a situation akin to rape you can't actually be physically raped in SL however badly it goes - there is always the quit option. That is not to say you can't feel emotionally trapped and raped, and there certainly have been survivors of rape who have come into SL and found situations that trigger strong emotional flashbacks to their rape. Some find this empowering and healing, others find it threatening - but the same if often true of many post-rape therapeutic interventions.

There is also a confidence thing. I'm in my 40's and I'm quite overweight IRL, courtesy of 20 years with badly injured knees and enjoying food too much. But, in SL, I look good! I don't feel depressed about how I look IRL, but I do look better in SL.
I don't think there's anything wrong with sexual experimentation mind you. I'm not, in common with a huge proportion of the UK population, a believer in sexual abstinence until marriage. I've actually never had sexual intercourse with a virgin, although with one of my partners I was her second sexual contact. I'm most certainly not of the opinion that sex is solely for the propagation of the species. I'm not saying that I think sex should necessarily be practiced in every available space, public and private, but I think it's a healthy thing to get to know your body and one of the things it will, hopefully, enjoy over the years. Experimenting in SL lets you try things that perhaps you would be afraid to do IRL and discover if you do enjoy them or not. They can then, if you want, move into RL or not.

I would also add that good sex in SL isn't really the province of the young IMO. Good sex in SL is about writing skills as well as looking good and the animations if you want. Writing about sex requires some experience of it to make it sound good, and to make your partner feel good. Perhaps this is a bad thing - if our teens could get up to sex in SL in a good fashion, perhaps they'd do so more than they experiment IRL and we could reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.

3. Do you feel that it creates a large group of individuals that become isolated from the world or reality? What i mean is what interaction that occurs in SL is only in second life? The interface cannot give one the pleasure that they may seek to achieve or reach? Many individuals i have discussed with spend hrs upon hrs in sl a day.

I spend hours in SL most days. Most of it is not of a sexual nature, I work in SL too. Perhaps I'm not the right person to answer this? However, what SL does is facilitate communication. I'm in a relationship that started in SL. It has spread to SL and RL. The relationship is between two people, and SL is just the conduit (now one of the conduits) for our relationship. Although it has some different elements, is it really different to dating agencies, or to writing love letters, or long phone calls to your partner when you are separated? I would answer that in some ways no, in some ways yes. What SL lets you do is add a sense of presence to the mix. Your partner has a body, clothes, you can buy each other gifts, you can hug, kiss, snuggle on the couch and so forth. Are they the same as doing so IRL?
No, of course not. But they can be, and often are, immediate responses to a situation in a way that even a phone call doesn't really let you achieve.
4. What negative or drawbacks does second life has to the individual users and for its future?

Are we talking in the realms of sex here, or in general? In terms of sex - I think we're in a situation where we are opening new options of sexual activity. I'm officially single IRL, but in a committed SL relationship. For us, it spills through our lives, so although there is no piece of paper to show a legitimatised relationship such as marriage or civil partnership, we consider ourselves in a committed RL relationship too. But, I know couples where they are also couples in SL. I know RL couples where they are both in couples, both with others in SL. Some of these meet their SL others, some don't. I know of RL couples where one is sexual active in SL and the other is not. Would that be how I would choose to be? No, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work for them. I wouldn't judge anyone else, because I don't know the circumstances. If all the concerned parties are happy with the situation, then good luck to them. To go back to comparisons to RL again - what is the rate of infidelity in marriage? I don't know the numbers off hand, but it's common enough it's a stereotype - the boss having an affair with the secretary is the stuff of jokes and the like for as long as I can remember. It almost certainly endures because it is still common enough to be known and accepted as true to life. I don't know if it is better or worse to have partnerships in SL than RL for this kind of thing - I guess it depends on the parties involved, but just because it happens in SL doesn't mean it's unique to SL.

In more general terms, SL's biggest challenge is itself. It needs to be stable and usable for the range of activities it currently supports. The strength of SL is that it lets me be a complete person within its environs. I can be a sexual being, a creative being, a teacher, a logical thinker, a consumer and more. I'm all of those things in both places. Unless a rival for SL comes along and offers me all of those options, or SL becomes unusable, I will remain.

5. Does the Sex Culture threaten the Second Life? What i mean is there a chance of sex taking completely control and driving away non-sex culture users?

Only if RL becomes non-sexual and SL remains sexual. I am absolutely positive that, despite any rules to the opposite, students at UK have sex with each other. Maybe not all of them, but some of them, possibly most of them. You establish standards of behaviour for class time IRL, people establish standards of behaviour for class time and the like in SL too. For example, if you are teaching classes about internet research, does your institution have a policy about surfing adult sites? Does your institution say to it's students (who are adults after all) they can't look at pictures of naked women in class time? How about art history classes? It's hard to study art history without looking at nudes, but this is OK because it's serious study perhaps? If you are teaching medicine or paramedical sciences, can you really avoid showing pictures of skin, genitals and the like when teaching STDs? If you're teaching behavioural sciences, can you really avoid mentioning sex?

Perhaps my view of SL is abnormal, but I don't see SL like a website, I see it more like the internet. I can search for "child safe" sites, or adult content, or (with google at least) things in between. I can go to Spaceport Alpha and Beta to visit the ISM. They're PG sims, and whilst I wouldn't be shocked to see nudity (I wouldn't be shocked IRL either, although surprised on a day like to day when it's cold and wet) I would be a little surprised. I'm there, and I assume most visitors are there to do some learning behaviour about the exploration of space. IRL I could go to a museum of space-flight (I think the closest is in Leicester). On the internet I could go to NASA or similar pages to do the same. I'd be fairly surprised to see naked bodies on NASA's site, just as I would be in the ISM.

Or, I could go to a site that promises XXX adult behaviour, or a sim that promises it, or to a stripper club or a fetish club. I'm a responsible adult - supposedly so are all the other users of SL. I have choices about how I behave and where I go in SL, on the internet and IRL. I've actually never been to a stripper bar IRL, it's not my thing, but it's my choice here and in SL.

6. It is very easy to see that there is a very large market for sex culture. Is this just a new version or mutation of consumerisms for one wants to make their avatar as real as it can be (what better way than to accomplish that by skins, sexual organs, and attractive clothes)?

And we don't have markets in plastic surgery, attractive clothes and the like IRL? I don't understand the point. I would also comment that people in SL who take no part in the sexual activities available still
buy skins, clothes, hair and the like.

7. Just anything else you would like to comment on.
I think you're looking at Second Life as a game to some extent, and a place where the "rules" are different. Second Life is a space which allows humans to interact with other humans. There aren't rules except the ones they choose to impose - just as UK has rules for behaviour in the classroom.
The humans in SL bring that range of human activities with them, as you might expect if you see it as a space to facilitate human activity. You can make local rules for behaviour. Most will comply - just like most comply with the rules of UK. Some won't - I'm sure that UK has disciplinary processes for infractions of the rules, and that at least some of them are used most years.