In Second Life, 'camping' is an activity whereby users set their avatars to 'sit' or perform an activity within a commercial space in exchange for LindenDollars (L$). The camping avatars are paid by time period, usually between 10 and 30 minutes. Owners of commercial spaces in Second Life use campers as a way to attract customers.

Types of Camping


Sitting is exactly what it sounds like. The commercial area will have chairs or benches around its entrances where avatars will sit. Most sitting campers are AFK, or 'away from keyboard' while their avatar is making 1-3L$ per 10-20 minutes.


Some areas offer cleaning-camping. A bucket and mop will be present, if a user 'mouses over' the bucket and mop, they will have an option to begin cleaning the floor. Though this really doesn't do anything to clean the area, it is not as sedentary as sitting. Cleaning campers are sometimes at their keyboard talking to others while they camp. This form of camping pays the same as sitting, generally.


Though dance floors are prevalent in Second Life, as it seems everyone enjoys watching their avatars dance, very few dance floors offer camping as well. Some of the stores in SL do have dance-camping where one can see whole herds of avatars boogeying-down in different states of synchronization. It is very common to see dance-campers present and talking to one-another while their avatars are making money. This pays a little less than sitting and cleaning.


Similar to dancing, however agreeing to 'model-camp' may turn your avatar into a mannequin and will always result in your avatar wearing the clothes of whatever store you are in. Some model-campers are in cages or on pedastals like the dancing girls in old-fashioned 'go-go' bars. This form of camping generally pays better than others.


There are several other ways to camp to make a quick L$ or two on Second Life, however, some of them are degrading, disgusting, or just plain offensive. However, there will always be a few people willing to put their avatars through anything to make a L$.

If the few exceptions to the norm are put aside, camping in Second Life is a very solitary endeavor - avatars who are camping very rarely have active users manipulating them and talking to other users. For the most part, these people are simply money farming.


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